Frequently Asked

  • Redbud Asset Management is a full service real estate asset management firm specializing in acquiring, improving, developing and managing workforce and student housing. We have a 20-year track record of acquiring and developing workforce and student housing properties across the United States for both institutional and individual investors. We work closely with our property management teams to ensure the safety of our investors’ capital and to maximize timely returns while improving the quality of life for many individuals and families. Redbud Asset Management’s core values were first instilled in the principals when working many years for Fannie Mae with the same focus and initiative.

  • Workforce housing is quality housing for the people who need it most—the 95% working foundation of the population. Redbud believes that safe, attainable, and attractive housing is a right—not a luxury. We strive to create communities where families and individual residents are proud to host Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Redbud Asset Management’s goal in developing and acquiring student properties is to offer students (and their parents) a safe, affordable, and well-maintained housing option for every stage of the college experience. Redbud Asset Management acquires both existing and new construction student properties less than a mile from the campus.

    We focus on public and private colleges and universities that have student enrollment exceeding 10,000 students. Redbud Asset Management partners with best-in-class operators as needed to ensure seamless execution of our strategy for each investment.

  • With a 20-year legacy in workforce housing experience, Redbud Asset Management principals have embraced the mission to improve the quantity and quality of housing accessible to working families. In addition, we believe there is a dire need to offer more affordable student housing options to families. Our focus is on affordability across all socio-economic groups.

  • Click the “Become an Investor” or “Invest Now” buttons on this website, and you will be directed to a form with which you can contact us about specific investments and request more information about our offerings. Want to speak to someone in person? No problem. Feel free to email or call our Richmond office anytime, and someone will be happy to answer your inquiries and/or send you any information you request.

  • Redbud Asset Management offers full transparency for your investment at every stage. We provide regular quarterly investment reports, distribution notices, accounting statements, and news updates. In addition, investors are able to log in to our investment portal on our website at their convenience. Our dedicated investor relations team is always available to answer any questions or concerns.

  • Redbud Asset Managment has a fully integrated business platform which includes Redbud Property Management services. For information about Redbud Property Management Services please contact Bob Huff at 804-833-6763.